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The Paradox of Money


It’s one of the supercharged words of the culture.

We love it, loath it, chase it, save it, spend it, and give it away.

It is one of the defining variables in a culture where self worth is often tied to net worth.

For many, the subject of money is full of mysteries and contradictions.

Read on and see if some of these contradictions sound familiar.

The more you hoard it, the poorer you will feel.

Hoarding money puts the focus on what you don’t have and contributes to a scarcity mentality. What we focus on we manifest in our lives. Hoarding contributes to a feeling of being without and can cause you to feel “poor” no matter how many zeros you accumulate in your bank account.

The more you give it away, the richer you will feel.

Just as hoarding leads to a feeling of scarcity, sharing leads to a feeling of abundance. The very fact that we have money to give away causes us to feel we have “more than enough.” Just as we manifest feelings of scarcity when we hoard, giving money away causes us to experience feelings of abundance and gratitude.

People are constantly worried they won’t have enough even though most of them earn more of it every week.

There are non-renewable and renewable resources.

Time is a nonrenewable and limited resource. If you waste your time today, you cannot get that time back. It is gone forever.

Money, on the other hand, is a renewable resource.

If you foolishly spend all the money in your wallet today, you can make back all that money and more.

It’s impressive that we can make such a renewable resource seem so scarce.

For most people, there is no right amount. Everyone wants more and nobody seems to think they have too much.

Do you have too much money? If you did, how would you know? Is your goal to become wealthy? If you were wealthy what would that look like?

The feeling of wealth is most likely the relationship between what you have versus what you want. If you think of wants and needs in the same way, you will never have enough resources to satisfy your “needs” because “wants” are insatiable. We all want more of something—more time, more patience, more wisdom, and – yes – more money.

The thought of money whets your appetite, but the realization of it never satisfies that appetite.

People don’t “want what they want.” They don’t even want what their wants will give them. They want what they think their wants will give them. While the thought of more money or greater assets sounds appealing, that’s not what you really want. Perhaps you think money will make you feel secure. Perhaps you hope it will give you peace of mind or certainty or significance. If you have those expectations of money, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Money gives you a certain amount of comfort and money gives you choices.

And that’s about it.

It is said money is not the worth of a man but it is the only thing we consciously plan to pass on to our loved ones.

When was the last time you heard a reading of a will that began: “I hereby bequeath the following values to my children…”?

We have trusts and tax strategies and financial advisors and accountants—all in an attempt to protect our money so that we can keep as much as possible while we’re here and leave as much as possible to our descendants when we’re gone.

What we don’t have is a systematic plan to make sure our loved ones “inherit” our most cherished beliefs.

Perhaps we should invest just as much time and energy protecting and passing on our values, beliefs, and legacies as we do making sure our money is held in safekeeping and passed on to future generations.

We certainly can’t live without money, and some of us have a hard time living with it. Thinking about your responses to some of these contradictions might help you gain a better handle on the relationship you want to have with the money in your life.

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