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The Mystery of Millennials Part 2

Last month we looked at some interesting facts about Millennials.
So what is the best way to work with this group?
When it comes to effectively managing Millennials, here is what the research has revealed.

Give Them Structure
Millennials are a highly educated group. They spent a great deal of time in school and understand due dates and schedules.

Give Them Direction
Millennials are used to receiving attention. As a group they have very good relationships with their parents. They are used to adults paying attention to them. They will do well if you spend time with them and encourage them.

Give Them Continual Feedback
Six -month evaluations? Yearly reviews? Not for this group. Millennials like continual feedback. They are used to information in real time. They want to be evaluated and assessed on a regular basis. They are very open to suggestions and want to improve. They love approval and want to please. Tell them what you need them to do and they will strive to accomplish it.

Listen To Them
Millennials are a highly opinionated group. Through social media they share their thoughts and opinions on a regular basis. Listening to them doesn’t mean agreeing with them, but you will be surprised at how many creative and useful ideas they have.

Engage Them
Millennials can successfully multitask in ways previous generations could not even imagine. They bore easily. Keep them challenged and engaged. They do well when stimulated.

Use Their Knowledge of Technology
As a group, Millennials have an extremely high “technical IQ.” Take advantage of their ability to navigate the world of technology. Seek out their opinions about effective ways to communicate and share information with others in this digital world.

Understand Their Need for Work/Life Balance
Millennials have grown up in a time of both economic abundance and economic scarcity. They look at their Baby Boomer parents working up to 60 hours a week, often frustrated by their inability to get ahead financially and caught in a loop of fear and uncertainty. Their reaction is a resounding “No thank you.” They do not mind working hard; as a matter of fact they love to be busy. That being said, they have other interests than just work and want to spend time on outside activities and be with family and friends. Work is a part of their lives—not the focal point.

Make Work an Employee-Centered Enjoyable Environment
Millennials believe work should be enjoyable. The concept that work is not supposed to be fun, which is why it’s called “work,” will not resonate with this group. Create opportunities for Millennials to interact. They enjoy company events and social interactions. Many make friendships at work. They are committed to their job, but they also like to laugh and have a good time.

In the next 20-30 years, Millennials will overtake the workplace. They are not the wave of the future. The future is already here. They are a loyal group, but they keep their options open. Learn to communicate in a language they understand and you and your organization will benefit enormously from this interesting, energetic, creative addition to the workforce. Fail to respond to the changes they have brought to the workplace and you will do so at your peril.

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