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The Gift

“Tis the season” and giving is on the minds of many of us.
What to give?
What to give?
We ask, we guess, we think of ways to surprise.
But what if we have run out of idea and simply don’t know what to give.
Here are a few suggestions for the holidays:

How many times during the day have you had a warm thought about a spouse, a friend, a coworker and kept the thought to yourself? What if this holiday season you decided to give those thoughts away? I tried it over Thanksgiving. I decided to text a friend just to tell him how much he meant to me. Then I thought of another person, then a client, then a relative. The next thing I knew I had been texting people for an hour. It felt amazing and the recipients where so appreciative.

To give this gift you have to focus. Really focus. Put down what you’re doing. Look at the person who is speaking. Make eye contact. Now listen. Really listen. When they are finished, let them know you heard them by paraphrasing back to them what you heard them say. Then watch their reaction as they experience what it feels like to actually being heard.

A gift of time is most precious because you are gifting a truly limited resource. If you lost all your money today, you could eventually earn that money back. Once your time is gone, however, it can never be replaced. It is finite; so by definition it is valuable.
You get 168 hours every week—just for being alive. No strings attached. Share some of those hours with others- willingly and lovingly.

This is a combination gift because it includes appreciation, attention and time.
Kindness also has a way of becoming viral. It’s amazing how it begins to spread. So often, kindness begets kindness.

An Apology
Maybe you’ve had a falling out or misunderstanding with a friend or coworker. It may have been the result of a miscommunication or a slight of one kind or another.
If you value the relationship, it might be just the right time to offer an apology.
Giving it as a gift is important because a gift comes with no expectations and no strings attached.

You may have other “gifts” you would like to bestow that are similar to those mentioned above. No need to go online for these. You won’t find them in a catalog or in the mall. They cost nothing yet they are not free. They involve commitment and intentionality. They are gifts that keep on giving—not only to the one gifted but also to the giver. Try sharing some of these gifts, and you may be surprised by the way you feel this holiday season. Perhaps it’s true that in giving we really do receive.

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