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Secrets of Success

The Choice is Yours

Why do some people struggle mightily while others seem to effortlessly make their way in the world? Why do some people seem to rise above their circumstances while other remain trapped in the world from which they came? Why do some people seem to feel the winds of change and opportunity are blowing in their face while others feel those winds blowing at their back?

The answers, I would suggest, are contained in some fundamental choices those people have made.

They have decided to either survive, succeed, or thrive. As you read these descriptors think about your life. Think about your relationships. Think about your career. Think about where you are and think about where you want to be.

Those who SurviveThose who SucceedThose who Thrive
Believe there is only one wayBelieve there is a better wayKnow there are numbers of ways
Are victimsFight the urge to not be victimsRefuse to be victims
Manipulate others. Take what they want without askingAre learning to ask for what they wantAsk for what they want
Have a limited horizonHave an expanding horizonHave a limitless horizon
Justify their behaviorOwn their behaviorChange their behavior
See no way out.Believe there are ways outCreate the way out
Drain and take from the worldGive to the worldChange the world

How do you change?

Change is possible, but you need to first understand two key truths.


Energy follows intention.

(What you focus on you get more of.)

Are you putting time into blaming others, the system, the government, your upbringing? By spending time blaming, you’ll simply become a better blamer.

On the other hand, if you spend more time thinking of ways to change your environment you’ll become better at that.


We become like those with whom we associate.

(You “lie with dogs,” you “get fleas.”)

Surround yourself with unmotivated people, and watch your energy to change begin to wane.

Surround yourself with negative people and watch your cynicism increase.

Or create a circle of positive, hopefully, results -oriented people and watch those skills begin to flourish.






The choice is yours.

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