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Lessons from the Snow Storms

If you live in the Baltimore/Washington area, you’ve experienced a winter you’ll never forget. As of mid-February, Baltimore alone has had almost seven feet of snow.

I observe people for a living and I have observed a lot during this winter.

Here are a few of my observations:

Getting things done is over rated.

Some of you couldn’t get into the office. Some of you had no power and couldn’t work from home. The work will all be there when you get back and in two months none of the delays will matter.

It’s easier to be stranded with people you like.

No comment.

If you’re stranded too long, anyone can start to get on your nerves.

Really—no comment.

It’s amazing how many things we take for granted.

We live in a neighborhood where we can walk to the grocery store. We were inside and safe and warm. We had food, shelter, clothing and each other.

It’s amazing how resourceful and creative some people are.

We have lived in our neighborhood for thirty-two years. In that time our road has been plowed a total of five times. We spent over eleven hours the last week shoveling our street and each other out.

It’s amazing how entitled some people are.

While some have shoveled, other able-bodied people have chosen to stay “helplessly” stranded complaining about their “plight.” Evidently they would rather make a point than get back their sense of freedom and movement.

Everything really is relative.

Snow of any amount historically sends inhabitants of this area into a tizzy. How interesting to hear people mention, “They say the next storm will only be a few inches…”

Unfortunately, the lessons learned will melt almost as fast as the snow.

In ninety days we’ll be mowing our now-snow covered lawns and be back to our pre-snow selves. Thinking the way we always do—until the next significant event disrupts our routine.

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