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I love to tell stories. My presentations draw on over thirty years of management consulting experience as well as my experience as an Ironman triathlete to entertain, educate and inspire my audiences to rethink possibilities in their work and their lives. Topics include:

The Optimistic Mind
Focus on behaviors and habits you can develop to stay positive. The optimistic mind is a choice.

When Lightening Strikes
There are times when “lightning” can strike your organization. There are lessons from my “encounter” with lightening that can apply to handling your own lightning strikes.

Dropping Your Snickers
We make mistakes, experience problems, deal with disappointments and have expectations that don’t get realized. You’ll love the “Snicker’s Story” and the lessons you’ll learn the next time you “drop your Snicker”

Listen to stories of people involved and dedicated to common goals. Learn how to transform your organization into a culture of inclusion and commitment.

Comments from Participants
“This was one of the best presentations I have been to at this conference.”
“Great , fun, enjoyable. Michael should be a stand-up comic”
“Michael was as close to perfect as one can be. The best BY FAR I have seen anywhere!”
“Wish this guy was available in my town !”
“Michael is an excellent presenter who is obviously passionate and well traveled in his field”

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