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Creating a Corporate Gathering/Retreat


The nature of a team is not to be a team.

The nature of a team is for individuals to focus, not on the needs of others but rather on their own agenda.

It’s not because they don’t care about other people its simply because people come to work and focus on what they have to do not on how what they do affects others.

To get people to function as a unit you need to create and opportunity for them to “jump off the merry-go-round and spend time together thinking and functioning as a unit.

Corporate Gatherings or Retreats are great ways to accomplish this.

Because there is a direct correlation between involvement and commitment I believe in involving employees in the creation of the retreat.

I use the following process:

Employees are surveyed to see what they think of the idea of having an organizational retreat.

The Questionnaire might look something like this:

  • What would you think of spending half a day or more as a group focusing on ways to improve as an organization?
  • What areas or topics would you like to explore?
  • What concerns would you like addressed?

Interested employees then form a planning committee and I meet with the committee to brainstorm what the gathering would look like.

I help the group implement the ideas and am often part of the facilitation on   the day of the event.

When the retreat is over participants complete an evaluation.

After the retreat I meet with the committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the gathering and then discuss ways to implement changes and ideas discussed when the group was together.

Often the retreat is such a success it becomes an annual event.




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