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Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

Let’s face it.

It’s lonely at the top.

It’s sometimes hard to know whom you can trust.

I’m the person people in power can talk to about their goals, hopes, fears, and frustrations.

I am the one leaders meet with to “let down their hair” and bounce off ideas.

I counsel decision makers in areas ranging from working with difficult subordinates to creating strategic plans and succession plans.

While a great deal of my work is done with members of upper management, I also spend a good deal of time with rank and file employees.

In my role as an organizational consultant I teach people how to work together more effectively.

I do this by focusing on areas such as:
• Improving communication
• Resolving conflict
• Managing time
• Creating effective meetings
• Assisting individuals and groups in setting and achieving goals

My work is done with people individually or with small groups.

I am with you as needed and am on call when an emergency arises.

2 Comments to “Organizational Consulting”

  1. Hi Michael
    I can’t remember if we spoke a while back. I am Nancy’s friend and Reed Morrison referred you as well.
    I have a real estate development /management company. Have you worked with this type of company?
    You can reach me at my office or by cell. This week is good after Monday.
    Nancy Wertheimer
    East Coast Asset Group
    410 685 0700 office
    443 271 7214 mobile

    • Hi Nancy,
      So sorry for not responding.
      I did not pick this message up for some reason.
      If you would still like to talk I can be reached at

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