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Making Magic

Long-time readers know of my triathlon exploits and four Ironman finishes.
As I have aged (my next birthday will be my 63rd), people are often curious as to
my continued fascination with this one event.
“Isn’t it bad for your body?”
(The short answer is “No.”)
“How many more times are you going to do this?”
(As of now, I have plans for Lake Placid in 2014 and Roth, Germany in 2016)
By far, though, the most often asked question is simply:
There are many answers.
I love to be fit and healthy.
I enjoy the camaraderie of the sport and the friends I have made.
I like doing something that so few people have ever done.
The main reason, however, is contained in the last 100 yards of the 140.6-mile journey.
It is the feeling I get as I see the finish line, hear the crowd, and realize:
“I’ve done it!”
“I’ve really done it!”

It’s magic.

So what about you?
When was the last time something truly magical happened to you?

Why No Magic?

We big people are creatures of habit.
We like sameness.
We go to work the same way.
We like to spend time with the same people.
We watch the same television programs each week.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
It’s just not very magical.
And it gets more complicated.
As we age, we developmentally become more risk averse
We become afraid.
We’re afraid of growing old and losing our health.
We’re afraid of not having enough money.
We’re afraid of … well you name it; we be can be afraid of it.
Taking chances can result in failure and we’re afraid to fail.
We like to play it safe.
The thought of risking is itself too risky.
So we hold back or give up or settle for less.
No magic there either.

So How Do We Create It?

Magic comes from the new.
It comes from having a new experience or from experiencing something familiar in a whole new way.
Think about the happiest days of your life and numbers of similarities will arise.
In my case it was the day I married my wife, Nancy, and the day each of our three children was born.
And each of my Ironman finishes.
This is what “magic” feels like:
You are totally present.
Time seems to slow down and even stand still.
You feel totally alive and energized.
There is a sense of euphoria, a feeling that
anything is possible.
You can remember the details of the moment or the
event years later; and in reliving you are almost
transported back in time.
It is the kind of feeling that once you have had it, you will want it again.

Sound good?

Here is how you start.
Make a decision today that before the year is out
you will do one thing that both excites you and scares
you half out of your mind.
Take a risk.
Take a chance.
Confront a fear-head on.

Write it down.
Decide when it will happen.
Tell three people you are going to do it.
Then do it.

Now watch what happens
You just might create some magic…

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