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Just a Thought

Some random thoughts on – random thoughts.

You don’t control the first thought you have but you can change the second thought, the third thought, the fourth thought, etc.

You cannot stop someone from introducing a thought into your brain, but you can decide what to do with that thought. Knowing you can change your thoughts and in doing so your feelings is very reassuring AND very empowering.

It takes no more energy to have a positive thought than it does to have a negative thought.

It seems everyone is looking for different ways to save energy. We drive cars that get better gas mileage; we turn down our thermostat. Staying in a positive, solution-oriented, curious state of mind is a really great way to conserve energy (mental energy)—and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Your thoughts control the chemical composition of your brain. Sow positive thoughts and the brain secretes pleasure hormones. Engage in negative thoughts and the brain secretes stress hormones.

Do you want to go through the day secreting stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, or do you want to enjoy natural opiates like dopamine and endorphins?
The choice is yours. Change what you think and you will change what you secrete and as result, how you feel.

Energy follows attention. What we focus on we manifest. What we pay the most attention to defines us.

When you focus on what is present and what is working, you will tend to feel positive, energized and resourceful. Focusing too much on what is missing or lacking will cause you to feel negative, drained, tired and stuck.

Throughout the day the brain is constantly asking one of two questions:

“Am I safe or am I in danger?” How you answer that question determines your behavior.

When you feel heard, safe and valued, you tend to be responsive and cooperative. When you feel judged, attacked and unsafe, you tend to become closed and either launch a counterattack or withdraw and withhold.

What you think determines what you say, how you act and how you physically feel.

Bottom line: You do not always control the stimulus, but you can always control the response.

As you go through your day and interact with the world around you remember you have a choice. What you think and how you feel are intrinsically tied together. Change one and you will most certainly change the other.

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