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Secrets of Success


Long-time readers know I think about stuff–all kinds of stuff. (How else would one be able to write a different article every month for over nine years?! This month is my one hundredth and tenth article.)

I don’t think it’s necessary to always write a lot to say a lot.

This month is an “audience participation” article. I will simply pose the questions and you will provide the responses. You can write down the answers or just think about them. Maybe you would like to share your answers and/or these questions with friends and family. If you’d like to share your responses, I’d love to hear from you.

What would your life be like if:

You weren’t afraid?

You were physically fit?

You felt emotionally safe?

You trusted (yourself and others)?

You forgave (yourself and others)?

You spent time in the present?

You told the truth about your life?

You asked for what you really wanted?

You asked for help?

You were more patient?

You really listened?

Be deliberate but give thought to your answers. As the great UCLA coach John Wooden said,“Be quick but don’t hurry.”

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