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An Early Present

It’s the time of year many us of are beginning to think about the holidays and the gifts we may be giving.

We may pride ourselves in being able to find that gift that is just right—something that is one of a kind.


Here’s an idea for an early holiday gift that is truly unique:

Try giving someone the gift of “you.”


Try giving someone your undivided attention.

Here’s how you do it.


First:  Stop.

Stop what you’re doing.

Stop what you’re thinking about doing.

Stop thinking about what you haven’t done.

Stop thinking about what you’re planning on doing.

Stop thinking about how busy, how important and how overwhelmed you are.

Just stop.


Second:  Put it down and turn it off.

Put down the phone.

Put down the remote.

Put down the report you’re reading.

Put down the crossword puzzle you’re working on.

Put down the mail you’re going through.

Turn off the computer.

Turn off the TV.

Turn off the music.

Put it all down.

Turn it all off.


Third:  Be Present

Look the person in the eye.

Focus all your attention on them.

Let them know they are your only concern.

Ask questions.

Be curious.

Be patient.


Fourth:  Listen

Really listen.

Don’t interrupt.

Don’t tell them how they should feel.

Don’t tell them what they should do.

Don’t give them a lecture.

Don’t correct them.

Just listen.


Fifth:  Ask if they need your help.

If they say “yes,” ask what you can do.

See if they can be specific.

If they say “no,” be quiet.


Repeat these steps as often as you would like another person to feel cared for and special.


Someone out there may really need your undivided attention—right now.

It might be a child, your spouse, a coworker or a client.

You have the opportunity today to make another human being feel truly valued and important.


This holiday season the greatest present you may give someone is being present.

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