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Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant is the president of CTS Consulting – a Baltimore -based multi disciplined consulting firm.

In 1981, after acknowledging that he was terminally unemployable, Michael founded Career Transition Services-now CTS Consulting. His focus with both individuals and corporations has been on assisting others in creating effective working lives. The outside world knows him as a career/management consultant but for over three decades Michael has functioned as a professional “unstucker.”

He works with individuals and organizations in the throes of change. Business leaders seek out his advice to help them manage their organizations. He helps them create plans that will allow them to meet the needs of their employees while growing profits. Individuals come to Michael to help them create satisfying careers that will allow them to have some balance in their lives.

Michael is an accomplished writer having contributed articles to publications such as Working Women, Law Practice Management, Bottom Line/Personal and Baltimore’s legal publication The Daily Record. He also writes a monthly article on issues related to work and life. Michael loves to write and his thousands of loyal readers tell him they love his articles.

In addition to his writing and consulting, he is also a popular speaker. Michael is known for his ability to entertain, educate and inspire his audiences to rethink and expand the possibilities for their personal and professional lives.

A graduate of West Chester (PA) University,Michael lives in Baltimore with his wife, Nancy. In addition to his work, Michael is an avid triathlete and a four –time Ironman finisher.

Michael was “discovered” In 1997 when Inc. magazine thought that he was unique enough to make him and his business the subject of a four-page profile.

If you’re visiting his website for the first time he’s about to be discovered again.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I am a member of the FCSHRM (Frederick Country Society of Human Resources Management) group and I saw your speech at the CHRA conference this past year. I was really intrigued and brought your information back to the Frederick SHRM chapter conference committee to see if they had any interest and availability for the 2015 conference in June. They are very interested in the possibility of you speaking at our conference, but we would need to know what kind of pricing you’ll charge for speaking at an event like this and if you’re available. We typically get between 80-100+ attendees and this year it will be held on Thursday, June 4, 2015 in Frederick, MD. Please feel free to email or call me or 724-787-4120. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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