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17 for ’17


One of the parts of my business I really love is going into organizations and helping people drive negativity out of their corporate cultures.

One of the ways I do that is to have people develop a goal of “zero negativity” with the intention of eliminating all negative transactions.

People learn how to communicate without hurting or offending each other.

They learn how to ask for what they want.

They also learn how to consciously give each other appreciations.

Giving appreciations is one of the most effective ways to keep negativity at bay.

In honor of the New Year, I have listed 17 different ways you can show appreciations for the various people you work for and with.

Try this little experiment and see what happens. Pick one of the appreciations below and tell a coworker three ways that demonstrate that behavior. ( Ex. “Three things about you I am grateful for are…” or “Three things I respect about you are…”)

You can do this in person, through an email or with a hand-written note.

The way you communicate an appreciation is not important.

It’s the thought that counts.

You might decide to share one appreciation a day for 17 days. You may want to pick 17 different people and give each a different acknowledgement.

The only limits to how you do this are your imagination and creativity.


Three things:

  1. About you I am grateful for.
  2. I admire about you.
  3. I respect about you.
  4. I like about you.
  5. I have learned from you.
  6. I still want to learn from you.
  7. You do that I aspire to be or do.
  8. You inspire me to be or do.
  9. I feel safe sharing with you.
  10. I want everyone to know about you.
  11. I admire about you as a coworker.
  12. I admire about you as a boss.
  13. I admire about you as an employee.
  14. I would miss if we weren’t working together.
  15. I can always depend or rely on you to do.
  16. I hope to do with you in the future.
  17. I mention are positive traits when I’m talking about you.


Who knows?

Sharing these 17 simple thoughts might begin a process that could transform your corporate culture in 2017.


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