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Tis the Season- Amazing Gifts







It’s that time of year again.

The time of year we reflect, celebrate, gather and….give.

 Here are some great giving ideas.

You can’t buy them at a store or online but they make great gifts.


The Gift of Curiosity

What a wonderful gift.

Asking questions.

Listening, really listening, to the answers.

Showing a real interest in another person’s life.

Letting them know they really matter.


The Gift of Acceptance

Seeing the other person as separate from us.

Valuing them for who they are.

Maybe the person is not what we want them to be or think they should be or wish they would be.

The gift of acceptance lets us and them know they have inherent value regardless of our needs or expectations.


The Gift of Forgiveness

One of the most prized gifts:

Burying the hatchet.

Starting over.

Not keeping track.

Letting the other person rejoin the human race.

This is not a gift everyone may be in a position to give this year and that’s ok.

We give what we can when we can.


The Gift of Appreciation

Catching people in the act of doing things right.

And acknowledging what they do.

This is a gift that gives back.

The part of the brain that is activated when we give an appreciation is too primitive to know the origin.

If I give you an appreciation, it elicits the same feelings as if you gave me an appreciation.

It turns out that the concept “It is in giving we receive” is not only theologically correct but is also neurologically true.

How cool is that??


The Gift of Time

This is an amazing gift because once you give it you can never get it back.

If you live to be 100 you’ll have 1200 months to spend on this Earth.

To choose to give this very valuable and very limited resource is a true act of generosity.

Giving time requires that we be present.

And being “present” is a great “present.”

One of the most valuable gifts there is.


The Gift of Compassion




The benefit of the doubt.

All these gifts come together when giving the gift of compassion.


Some Final Thoughts

These are gifts, not trades.

A gift comes with no expectation of anything in return.

These gifts are not “free.”

They require willingness and intentionality.

The great thing about these gifts

  • You can give them year round
  • They keep on giving


May you be blessed in all your giving this season!!



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