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15 for ‘15

Here are 15 thoughts to contemplate in the New Year:

  1. People are as healthy as their biggest secret.
  2. If you want people to communicate openly and honestly with you, be positively predictable. If you are unpredictable or negative, they will see you as unsafe.
  3. Banish the words “have to” from your vocabulary. They serve little purpose and will cause you to feel like a victim.
  4. Change “have to” to “choose to.” Those words are empowering because if you can choose “to” you can also choose “not to.”
  5. Many of us walk around believing people know what we want and know how we feel. They don’t.
  6. Gang up on the problem not the other person.
  7. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. They’re just not entitled to make their opinion your opinion.
  8. In the end, all life is about is the quality of our relationships. Nothing else really matters.
  9. Unless you have compassion and empathy for yourself, you can never truly have them for another person.
  10. Over time you become like the people with whom you associate.
  11. Confidence is a by-product of options. The more options you have, the more confident you will be.
  12. When you’re stuck you will either need more help, more time or more information.
  13. Lasting change is centered on telling the truth in a non-judgmental way.
  14. You don’t control all circumstances but you have total control over your responses to those circumstances.
  15. While every experience is not a gift, if you look with and open heart and an open mind you can find a gift in every experience.



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