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Your Superman Moment

When I was young, I loved reading Superman comic books. My favorite moment was when Clark Kent would learn of someone in danger, run into the alley and transform himself into Superman.

Did you ever have a moment where you had to act decisively, and dramatically change your approach in order to overcome a huge obstacle?

Did you ever have a situation that called for a “Superman Moment”?

My Moment

Last month during my second Ironman triathlon I had just such a moment.

As I recalled in last month’s article, Iron Moments II, I was in dire straits. I was exhausted and almost ready to give up after over 15 hours of competition.

With an hour and a half left in the race, I was 20 miles into the final leg—the 26.2- mile marathon. I was quickly running out of energy and had been walking the course for over a half hour. At the rate I was progressing, there was no way I was going to cover six miles in 90 minutes.

Then, I passed a sign on the side of the road which read: “Don’t make a decision today you’ll regret on Monday.” Moments later, I saw the trailing vehicle preparing to pick up the stragglers and take them off the course.

I remember getting angry and thinking to myself: “There is no way I am coming off this course. Not when I’m this close.”

At a speed limit sign, I took off my raincoat and the milar blanket I was wrapped in and threw both items into the woods.

And I began to run.

Slowly at first.

But I was running.

In the distance I saw three competitors and decided to catch up to them. I passed those three athletes and caught and passed five more.

During the next hour, I passed over 20 fellow triathletes on my way to the finish line and the successful completion of my second Ironman.

It was only possible because I had that “Superman Moment.”

Your Moment

What part of your life is calling out for a “Superman Moment”?

Where do you feel really stuck?

Are you tired of struggling financially?

Are you sick of the way you always defer your needs by letting others go first?

Have you reached the point where you can no longer live another day fearing intimacy and closeness?

Has your work situation finally brought you to the breaking point?

Then it’s time, “Clark Kent.” It’s time to run into that alley and don your cape.

Making the Change

The first step in radically changing your circumstance is, ironically, not that radical.

The first step is simply doing something different.

In my case I simply started running.

I didn’t think that much about it.

I simply did it.

I chose action over long-winded analysis.

If you’re struggling financially, start by asking how much money you would need to end your struggling.

Not getting your needs met? Vow, today, to ask for something you want.

Fearing closeness and intimacy? Reach out. Be vulnerable. Share a secret part of yourself.

Is work “not working?” Talk to someone who loves what they do and find out how they made that happen.

In Lake Placid there are now two landmarks that will always remind me of my second Ironman.

The first, of course, is the Olympic Speed Skating Oval where I crossed the finish line.

The second, and more important marker, is a 40-mile per hour speed limit sign on a non-descript section of the River Road outside of town.

The beginning of my “Superman Moment.”

So what about you?

Where in your life is it time for decisive action?

Where have you decided to finally take a stand and make a change?

The change that will mark the beginning of your “Superman Moment.”

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