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Want to Lose a Good Employee? It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3 (4, 5)

I’m in the business of dealing with work and the way it affects people’s lives and I’ve recently noticed a trend.
In an economy where some people are having a hard time getting hired, there are people who are walking away from or in the process of getting ready to walk away from good paying jobs.
There are, it seems, people in positions of power who are systematically demotivating and ultimately driving away successful, productive employees.
What’s going on?

Rather than guess, I asked the people who were in the process of leaving or who had left their job what had caused them to go from motivated to unmotivated.
So from them to me to you, here are five easy steps to drive productive effective employees out the door.

Step One:
Ignore Them

This was a recurring theme. These employees felt no one was interested in their thoughts, ideas, concerns, opinions or suggestions. They had essentially been told, “We hired you for your brain. You can leave it at the door.”

Step Two:
Disrespect Them

If an employee with an ounce of self-respect begins to feel patronized, belittled, threatened, embarrassed, or treated with disrespect–watch out. They may not be an employee for long.

Step Three:
Lose Their Trust

There is correlation between trust and control. When trust is high the need for control is very low. When trust is low the need for control is very high. If you mislead and or lie to your employees about opportunities, rewards, input into projects, the financial state of the company, etc., your trust with them will collapse. When that happens, they will look for a way to get control back; and one of the easiest ways to do that is to walk.

Step Four:
Treat Excellence and Mediocrity Equally

Want your good people to leave? Let them know that you don’t distinguish employees who contribute and work hard from those who do not. Giving the message that there’s room for both productive and non-productive in your organization is a great way to drive good people out the door.

Step Five:
Provide No Direction or Leadership

A lack of leadership in an organization is like a ship without a rudder. It tends to wander aimlessly. Weak or nonexistent leadership creates an enormous amount of anxiety for employees. One way employees deal with that anxiety is to decide the “grass may be greener” in another organization.

So there you have it-how to lose a good employee in five easy steps.
If none of these behaviors are familiar, congratulations.
On the other hand, if some of these observations apply to you or others with whom you work, a word to the wise is sufficient.

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