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The Emperor’s New Clothes? – Part 1

School children delight at the Hans Christian Anderson story of the two weavers who promise an Emperor a new suit of clothes that is visible only to those who are competent, intelligent or fit for their positions. The Emperor cannot see the clothes but pretends that he can for fear of appearing unfit or incompetent. His advisors do the same. Once dressed in his invisible finery, the Emperor parades his “new clothes” before his subjects. Everyone pretends to admire the garments until a child cries out, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

The Emperor continues in the procession but the truth has been revealed.

The New “Emperor’s New Clothes?”

I think a lot – about a lot. I also watch and listen a lot. I’m really a professional observer of people and their behavior. One of the things I’ve been asking and thinking about recently is “social networking” and the role it has in business.

My curiosity was piqued a few months ago by an aside our pastor made during a sermon. He had been advised to join Facebook. He joined not quite understanding how it worked, so was quite confused when a friend contacted him and asked if he could be his “friend.”

“But he already is my friend!” was the pastor’s reaction so, of course, he said “yes.” He then began hearing from people he didn’t know, also asking to be his “friend.” “I’m a pastor,” he thought, “How would it look if I told someone I didn’t want to be their friend?” He once again said “yes” and now is connected to who knows how many people with whom he may or may not have any connection.

Welcome to social networking.

The Assignment

Almost every article I have written over the last seven years has contained a lesson. This one is different.

This time I have a series of questions for you, my readers:

– Are you on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn for business reasons? If so, why?

– How do you use these sites in your business?

– Can you directly trace making money in your business to these sites and if so how?

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