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Is there an area of your life where work doesn’t work?

You may be a decision maker who is frustrated that people can’t seem to get along or stay focused on a common goal.

You may be unsure about how to tell one of your employees its time to move on.

Or you may be the one who has been told its time to look for another job.

You may be unhappy with your work and/or life direction and want to make a change.

People in the positions I described often need advice and consul.

These are the areas of people’s lives I touch.

That’s why they invented people like me

I am an advisor and keeper of secrets.

I serve as a coach and a guide offering another point of view and a different perspective.

My clients have come to rely on the wisdom and perspective I have gained over the thirty years of working in organizations and with individuals to help others affect change.

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Corporate Business Consulting
Let Michael give you the tools you need to successfully lead your organization.   Read More >>


Corporate Retreat Facilitation
Let Michael take your organization off-site and show you the value of "jumping off the merry-go-round" in order to address the issues that really matter.  Read More >>


Corporate Speaking
Find out how Michael will inspire and entertain audiences at your next corporate event.   Read More >>


Outplacement Consulting
Learn Michael's approach to help your out placed employees effectively transition to another job or career.   Read More >>


One-on One Career Counseling
Discover what you want to be when you grow up. (or Know what you want to be when you grow up?) Don't click here.   Read More >>

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